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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Not So Secret Anymore :)

Guess I had to jump onto the bandwagon...blogger is ubiquitious and infectious here I am with my first post. Had a different blog yearsssss back but guess was terminated since have not updated anything since yearssss back also.

Am so proud that our own-made Malaysian movie "Sepet" has won the Grand Jury Prize at the 27th Cretell Women Director's Festival as reported in The Star today. I would have the same sentiments as Yasmin of thinking a Malaysian-made movie might not be deep or artistic enough to be winning an award. To be nominated itself is quite an achievement. But boy am I glad she won as this shows that Malaysia is able to produce top-notch movies with profound meaning within its simple topic of inter-racial relationship.

However, I disagree with the reviewer of Hitch in The Star to compare Sepet with Hitch as I consider the two as of different genres. One is a commercial romatic comedy with predictable meaning. One is a romantic comedy with an artistic, literary meaning. In terms of inter-racial relationship, I would have preferred to compare it with the movie "Sideways" even though I have not watch it before. Those who have, please tell me what you think about the movie. Am thinking of reading the book too, but there are just too many books to read.

Went browsing around MPH yesterday and have been so tempted to buy this book by Roald Dahl entitled Collected Short Stories of Roald Dahl but the price of the book turned me off. Was a fan of Roald Dahl since young with his incredible and almost incredulous stories of Chocolate Factory and BFG. Can't wait for his movie starring Johnny Depp(yummy yummy!) to start showing in the cinemas.

Also loved this quote from a reviewer of Roald Dahl's book "Dahl has an uncanny talent for writing about the worst in us, he still seems to love the bizarre individuals who people his books. The care with which he crafts each gem of a story in this collection shows that he can forgive his characters their multitudinous faults and see the unique charm and worth of each individual. In today's climate of judgementalism and prejudice, it does one good to find an author who seems to say that it is what is wrong with us that makes us interesting and worthwhile subjects. We are not all good, and sometimes it is better that way. At least we are entertaining, Dahl seems to say." Makes you see life in a different more light-hearted way ain't it.

And I just have to tell you about this fantastic book I am reading now entitled "The Lovely Bones". Such a page-turner and the concept is the story is simple fantastic: About a girl who got raped and murdered conveying her stories from heaven watching how her loved ones go through the grief of losing her and of finding the killer. For those who wants to exchange books with me, feel free to contact me. Just lurrveeee reading.

Well, now that my life is public....would love to hear comments from my beloved country folks and please say hello through my royal guest book :D

2 Bowed to the princess

  • At 5:24 PM, Blogger Nee Sern said…

    Hello Princess!! :) Welcome to blogger hehehe.

    U r welcome to visit my 3 blogs. Just click on my profile for the links.

    Long time no see!

  • At 1:53 AM, Blogger enchanting said…

    Hi Princess, stumbled upon your blog and had spent a considerable amount of time reading your entries. Thank you for the insightful thoughts on Singapore.

    It had somehow made me happier knowing that at least there is someone who shares the same ideals and cares about enjoying life while being the best we can be in everything we do.

    Well, wish you luck on everything and i would definitely continue reading your blogs. We could exchange pointers even. I'm also working in telecommunications sector and mostly traveling so i truly understand your entries regarding Indonesia. I'm facing the same thing.

    Its hard to explain it to people who have not experienced the situation in the flesh. Well, i took up a lot of space. I have a tendency to ramble.

    Would love to chat and exchange pointers with you if possible.


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