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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Chicken Soup for Malaysian Soul

Read an article in the newspaper yesterday which gave me my chicken soup for the soul story before I doze to sleep. Am glad that despite all the selfishness in this world, there are some out there who show benign act of kindness even though they would have benefitted a whole lot if they had succumbed to their temptations.

One is of a taxi driver, Gunabalan who returned a wallet containing RM1,000 belonging to a passenger who took his cab to KLCC. After realising that his wallet has slipped on the cab, he called the taxi driver immediately and Gunabalan took the wallet and rushed to KLCC to return the wallet to him. This is what he said in response, "I was brought up with the belief that we should earn our own money instead of taking that of other people.

Another soup story that touched me is the incident one month back about a couple losing their baby after their maid kidnapped their baby. The maid found that she could not get take the risk of collecting the ransom demanded and dislodged of the baby. The couple were so glad to find their baby in the hands of a poor family who was willing to take good care of the baby even without sufficient money to take care of their own kids. They took the baby in not realising that the baby is the one reported misisng in the newspapers. Of course both the parties I mentioned got rewarded accordingly. The couple was so grateful they agreed to bear part of the cost of bringing up the kids of the poor family. Guess God has a peculiar way and timing of bringing riches to those deserving.

In this world where the rich gets richer, one questions whether they get richer in terms of material values or human values. I am glad to know of millionaires who give a lot to the society but I despise those who cheat on the money of normal citizens just for their own pleasure. You know some examples of who I am talking about if you have read the newspapers.

I am glad that within stories of war, torment and grief dominating the pages of our newspaper, there are some like those above that give me my drop of nutritious soup every once ina while.

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  • At 10:18 AM, Blogger Nee Sern said…

    Indeed, the media today is highlighting more injustices and crimes. Yet amidst the chaos, there is a perfect peace. And that is something we can all hold on to.

  • At 1:07 PM, Blogger princessE said…

    Yep, glad someone share the same sentiments. We need stories like this to go on having hope...tat mankind are good in nature


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