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Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Manhattan Study

Ohana means hello :)

Had a fruitful discussion with some friends today. Learnt more than I expected. Would like to quote something from the speaker of the day about "The Manhattan Study". This study selects 100 Americans from various places and trained them to be beggars, providing them with the right clothes and bowl to collect money. The purpose of the research is to find out how many of them will be able to earn a lot from being beggars. Out of 100 of them only 5 of them managed to collect a lot of money despite the condition they are in. From the result, we can conclude that only 5% of the people on Earth is able to succeed in life no matter where they are or in what situation. Wherever you put them or whatever challenges is bestowed on them, they will still emerge rich. The rest either just barely make it or will give up even before they start.

So, wouldn't you like to be in this 5%? No wonder my company has this bell-curve to indicate that if you are in the top 5%, only then you will be outstanding. Let's work towards that 5%. Kan ba te!

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