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Friday, August 03, 2007

Guess Which Malaysian Is Famous in Singapore Now

I flipped through the Style section of the newspaper recently and stopped at the picture of a pretty, lean girl with enough girl next door looks to be approachable and sexy come hither look when she puts on more make-up. The name of the starlet in Singapore rang a bell. Andrea Fonsenka, hmmm....where have I heard of that name before. It is only when I read that she won Miss Malaysia Universe in 2004 that I know why she sounded so familiar. She was the 'fat' winner of Miss Malaysia that everyone cursed, despite high intellectual capabilities and good English. Why, as most people are just not used to seeing a chubby girl representing Malaysia, walking down the aisle of Miss Universe.


3 years down the road, look at how she has blossomed. She has lost all her baby fats and is now ready to conquer the world starting with carving a name for herself in the entertainment industry in Singapore. Certainly better than doing it in Malaysia. This is the power of discipline and good diet. Proves that nothing is impossible. Of course, peer pressure from all the lanky slim models in Singapore helped too.

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