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Friday, September 26, 2008

My Sex and the City Moments

It's ironic that for a movie that is so controversial, replete with sex and nudity that it's central theme is not steamy at all in fact the theme centers around something that touches the heart so deep it moves every soul that watches it. I have been told to watch this movie by so many dear friends of mine including guy friends and when I finally get down to watch it had I understand what the fuss is all about. 'Sex and the City' could well be one of the best chick flicks I have ever watched, its plot so beautifully written and the characters so well told, noone was left out or overtook the limelight. For someone who grows up with doses of 'Sex and the City' when facing life's trials and tribulations during adolescence (that is when you need it most), one could understand why I could relate to it so much so that when the movie is out, I planned a girl's night out to watch the movie only that it did not happen. But watching it on the plane was just as well.

The moment I shed tears which I found happened to a lot of girls I know was when Carrie (played by the effervercent Sarah Jessica Parker) was jilted at the altar when she found out from a phone call that her soon to be husband, Mr Big got the jitters and decided to not go ahead with the wedding. It was disheartening to see a love affair that held everyone so endearingly to the TV series season after season got ended so abruptly. Carrie had her friends to thank when they protected her from being hurt by Mr. Big, brought her for a vacation only to have her slept through it, fed her emanciated body and made her laugh at the most unpredicatable moment. I was touched when she did the same thing I would have done when I found my girlfriend alone and depressed. On New Year's eve, when Charlotte was going through a separation and had to spend it alone, Carrie got up from her bed after receiving her call and ran all the way to her house, arriving just before midnight to wish her 'Happy New's Year!'

Sometimes people belittle the little actions a friend can do that will make a huge difference. I have been jilted, dumped and ridiculed before. I have cried till my eyeballs almost popped out. Most often than not, it is my girlfriends who came to my rescue, lent me a shoulder to cry on and lent me ears for my problems and most importantly related to my crisis since they have been there before. Among my 'Sex and the City' moments are:

1. After I broke up with my first serious boyfriend of two years (yes, I had a few of 'un'serious ones before), I had not much girlfriends as I had distanced myself from them. However, when I contacted an ex-classmate whom I have lost touch with, she did not hesitate to drive over to my house to chat. She gave me the power to trash my ex, called him a jerk and make me feel confident about myself again while she said the same thing about her own break-up. It was one of the best chat I have ever had since having a relationship. Since then, I told myself never to lose your friends even when you are blissfully in a relationship. You need your girlfriends to put you back on ground.

2. When I was going through my clubbing phase, I remembered getting drunk once and a few guys tried to take advantage of the situation by pretending to comfort me. I was so glad that my girlfriends were there and protected me by pulling me away from the guys. When I passed out, I was thankful that I still found myself back on my bed safely even though I was still in my clubbing attire. To my horror, my wallet was nowhere to be found so I had to call one of my trusted galpal ad found that she kept my wallet and drove over to pass it back to me. I had never been more relieved and promise never to get drunk again esp without galpals :P

3. On the year when I was overseas and had to celebrate Valentines Day alone, I found myself getting very depressed. At that time, I was having a tough patch with my long distance boyfriend and felt like I had to do something to get my mind off negative things. I booked two movie tickets just to be turn down by another guyfriend. Fortunately, I had a housemate who also happened to be alone as she also has a long distance relationship. She agreed to go to the movies with me to watch "PS I Love You". Even though the whole cinema was full of couples who are hugging each other, I had more fun laughing with my friend over some of the scenes and oggling at the gorgeous guys in the movie. I would never have been able to do this with my partner. It was one of my funnest valentines Day and I didn't even celebrate it with a guy!

As quoted by 'Sex and the City', the crucial relationship is the one you have with yourself. Next is with your friends. Without them, life would never be the same. So, tell me, what are your 'Sex and the City' moment?

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