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Saturday, September 06, 2008

How Does It Feels like to Turn 30?

Some say it is 'the' important year. The year where the word twenties does not ring a bell anymore. The year where you are not allowed to make mistakes and get away with it. The year where you are supposed to take responsibilities for all your actions. The year where you have reached a threshold in your life and that you should re-examine what happened and what you have achieved in your life.

So, how did I feel? I feel like I'm Made of Honor, open to all possibilities in life, able to accept what is thrown at me gracefully and adapt to situations no matter how hard or easy :). Cos that was exactly how I felt, pampered as a princess going into Hotel Mariott from winning the sms contest from Made of Honor movie. Right after being escorted to the front door of the reception where I was told that I will be placed in their fantastic Junior Suite complete with a living room and a huge bathroom, I was asked to choose the type of spa I want and the time for dinner in the room, I was exhilarated. To be pampered and to have everything brought to you at your whim and fancy is by far the best feeling to have after the satisfaction of achieving miracles, hehe. I felt I was reliving the episode of The Bachelor S12 where one of the bachelorette was invited to the red carpet of this movie with the Bachelor and had a magical time with him.

The view from the hotel room was of the highly decadent new "it" shopping centre of Kuala Lumpur, the Pavillion. There was 2 tv sets, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. I was enjoying switching on both tvs and hearing 2 different languages on tv at the same time. Haha, so jacoon. After that, I went for my spa in which I had one of the most relaxing 1 hour massage. This was followed by a moderate spread of buffet tea at their lounge at the 24th floor which can only be accesed by people residing in the Executive, Junior and President Suites. The staff at Hotel Mariott made sure everything was taken care of from serving us wine at the lounge to greeting us at the lifts as well as even washing our car at the carpark. Imagine our suprise when we saw the card saying that our car has been washed for the enjoyment of the hotel patrons!

I enjoyed my birthday celebration for the fact that I celebrated it with my best galpals in the world. Nothing beats having your truest friends around you and asking you, "Hey! So what are you going to do about turning 30?" My answer: Live life! I have finally grown to accept live and to let it happen. To embrace every second than to live my life so planned out. Plus, I am at my prime age. Hehe! My friends will never know what goes on in my mind with so many new things and challenges to look forward to. Even though I do wish that I could actually have a kid and marriage before this age, I guess it was not my choice to take. Thus, I am embracing the benefits of not having those and not tying myself down. My time will come, I am sure :)

I ended the night watching what else but the movie that won me this fantastic experience: Made of Honor! Even though cliche, the movie touched my heart in parts that no matter how unstable and how much enjoyment you can have as a single person, with a good heart and a good friend, one day you will find your one and only love. The one person who filled the void you never knew existed and who made a difference once he/she is not in your life. Thank you for the special person in my life who won me this gift!

So in short, how does it feel to be 30? On top of the world! I feel like I can relive my dreams again. The excitement of looking forward to new opportunities and my dreams coming true. And I can be who I wanna be! Here enjoy my theme song :)


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  • At 6:55 PM, Anonymous kpriss said…

    (first of all!) Happy 30th anniversary!

    I'm curious about how it feels since I'll (very) soon pass that 30 threshold myself. However, I actually started living my life one year ago so I feel like I'll be turning 20something more than 30. I guess we all have our special different ways to beautifully turn 30!


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