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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dedicated to My Hero

I dedicate this to someone who has touched my soul so deep it changed the core within me. This person deserved more than the world could give him. This person has a belief so strong it held him firm no matter what he does. He truly is my hero despite how he is a bit weird in a lot of people's eyes.

I am glad he came into my life. I am glad he was there even for a brief moment. I am glad he gave me life's most precious lessons no amount of money could buy. And it made me realise that the best things in life is indeed free. He made me appreciate life no way anyone can. He introduced me to a life less ordinary and make me come out of it strong and motivated. He made me create a mission and vision within myself, encouraged me to be better without even speaking the words. He brought me to eat cheap but delicious food and made the experience so exhilarating. He made me realise life is not a bed of roses and as long as I appreciate and embrace what is has to offer, life will be good. He made me live life spontaneously which is what I usually don't do as I used to plan every step I take yet when I did not plan, I felt so free and uninhibited! He made me a selfless person. And the worst part is: I never uttered a single word of appreciation to him.

And yet he hung on. He cared for me when I am sick. I still remembered the times when I fell sick and still had to go to work as there was too much to do. And when he kept asking if I am ok, even offered to bring me to a midnight doctor but all I said was I needed an escape. He brought me to a high area surrounded by beautiful night lights with views of large ships (not sure why but the sight of ships gives me a sense of comfort). And that made all the difference. I immediately felt better the next day and much more refreshed than any other days.

He doesn't tell me the things he do for me. Like paying a higher plane ticket to go to the same country I am in during my business travel or having to go through a much longer route just to fetch me from where I was to my home. He doesn't tell me he kept that last piece of bread for me cos he knows I like bread even though his dad made it for him. He doesn't tell me how sleepy he is when he had to fetch me to the bus early in the morning even though I know he had slept so late the day before. He doesn't tell me that he had an early meeting when he knew I needed transport at certain times. But I knew. I just forgot to say thank you.

Sometimes he sees me cry and I can see the helplessness in his face. Yet he made some funny faces to make me laugh. Even though I didn't laugh at first, I did later. The effort counts :) And sometimes when I'm down, I just needed to pent out my frustration and even though he doesn't know what to say, he listened intently without uttering a word as though he is learning a lot from me. And all I want to say is thanks so much for being there. I know that sweetness only comes after bitterness. And he has made me know how important it is to treasure life's greatest moments as it does not come easy. And I again I thank him for that. Even though in the eyes of others, he might be weird for not conforming to the world's ideals and for being extremely different and difficult at times, I would like to tell him that he will forever be my hero.

I guess I have to count myself lucky for having met someone like him and for having him treat me so well. Some girls would never had the chance to feel anything near this even with their own partner. Selflessness, being true to oneself, bringing meaning to one's life, bringing the best out of each other and knowing you are there for one another. But I also feel sad that we will never be together. And if you know who you are and you are reading this, I would once again like to say "THANK YOU FOR BEING MY HERO and for being someone I truly respect!" Even though I don't say it, I appreciate every little thing you do and will cherish it for the rest of my life. So here, I dedicate the song by Elvis Presley to you - "You Were Always On My Mind".

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  • At 9:38 AM, Blogger neil said…

    What a long profession of gratitude and appreciation! I do hope, not for someone to treat me like that (perhaps that would be too much to wish for), but that I could be like he whom you'd described, to my loved ones and friends :)
    Thanks for the lovely post - though it wasn't about me! heheh


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