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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Am I an Imsomniac? Yikes!

What causes insomnia? I didn't want to admit it but after 2 years of lack of sleep or unrested sleep, I have some answers:
1. Thinking too much - Yes, I have a hyperactive mind which makes me think a lot not only when I am active but also before I go to sleep. Are you one of those who writes down your to-do list for tomorrow before sleeping. I am one of them. Not that I am a control freak but it helps that I put it down on paper so that I can sleep peacefully without worrying if I will forget about it the next day.
2. Insufficient personal time - When one spends too much time at work, in order to balance oneself and go back to work the next day, one has to make it up by spending some personal time by doing things that are brainless - watching tv, porn, etc and this eats into sleeping time. Guilty as charged!
3. Too excited or nervous about something - I can't sleep before I travel or before I am supposed to give a presentation. The excitement disallows me to calm down before I can sleep.
4. Inconsistent sleeping hours - well, what can I do when I watch movie till 3,4 or even 5am on weekends and then can't sleep at 1am when weekdays come? It's not as simple as 'Woi! Go to sleep la!' and I can sleep. No, doesn't work for me.
5. Loneliness - Yes, I admit it. I sleep better with someone next to me. Be it friends, family or boyfriend. It's nice sometimes to have someone to chat with about your deepest fears and dreams before you sleep and end up sleeping only for 3 hours, but waking up much fresher the next day. Now that I have none of the above, I just have to hug my pillow/bolster as tight as possible so that I can sleep.
6. Rooms with too bright colors - yes, by having bright colors for bedsheets, curtains and wall affects most people. These colors creates a chaotic feeling in oneself making him/her unable to feel at ease. My friend recently changed her room color to pastel and white and says she sleeps better after that. Maybe I shld try, color all black!
7. And the most important and reason where one can't sleep is due to unresolved issues, unsettled thoughts, unfulfilled desires. This I don't know how to solve except by perhaps talking to someone and releasing a little of your burden. Sometimes, music helps too.

So, here, I know that I can never sleep too much and even when I am tired, I still can't sleep but I am using my restless hours by doing productive things, like writing this blog. Haha! Well, all I can say is that I have the passion, drive and determination to use all my waking hours to fight for what I believe in and to make a greater impact in the lifes of others. So, let's see what I can get out of a little more hours than most people, besides my black eye bags. :)

So the last day my mom was with me in Singapore and I could not sleep, even though she has told me umpteenth time to sleep early for work, I just told her, "I really do wish I could sleep, cos if I could, I will." She just noded her head in understanding and said "I understand, you are not at peace". Only a Mom understands best.

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