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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Are you an Adopted Child?

She had the eyes of a doll and the lips of an angel. Sleeping blissfully in a tiny cot, enveloped by warm, comfy blankets, she basks in the glory of being surrounded by peaceful sound of dripping waters from the fountains nearby and delicious smell of food baked in the kitchen. Growing up, she never needed to do any housework which will tarnish her soft white skin. She had all the toys and dresses that most kids desired but could not afford to buy. She enjoys food of the best quality and joins her parents in posh restaurants. She would never have expected to live like this had her mother not decided to give her up to a wealthy childless couple who were longing for kids but unable to do so due to health complications.

On the other side of the earth, a lady with the same pretty features as the girl wonders how her baby is doing. Had she not slept with so many men who treated her like an animal it makes her privates bleed sometimes, she would not have produced a child she could not take care of. Well, at least now she knows that her baby is taken care of, or at least she hoped. She could remember how her baby's eyes blinked with tears when she passed her to an adoption house. Wistful as she was, she had no choice. She just wished that her daughter one day will not come to know of how her existence came into being and will live a life she fully deserves.

The business of adoption has been seen as an act of kindness that will give the abandoned kids a chance to live in an actual family. When the insidiousness of the world throws a kid into the a live of abondonment where they lose their sense of belonging and family, when a kid is adopted, I do feel that the kid is given one more chance to live in a warm, loving surroundings they truly deserve. Have you seen the eyes of a kid in an orphanage where no matter how liveless, there is a certain yearning to gain back their soul. Have you seen how they try to fit in with their schoolmates even though they feel they don't belong? Have you seen the longing in their eyes when everyone else goes back to their family where hot, warm food is already on the table and warm shower is prepared at any time of the day? Have you felt how empty but heavy their hearts are feeling a void not many will feel, wondering thoughts many would have taken for granted? If you have, wouldn't it warm you to give them the warmth everyone else who is born into this world deserves? I am so proud of one of my friend who has recently adopted a child and has been caring for their beautiful baby just like their own child. At least I know that the baby will have a good life, fully taken care of all her needs having doting parents like my friend and his wife.

So, the next time you scream at your mother for not letting you go out clubbing with your friends, or the next time you complain of being to forced to eat home-cooked meal when you could have gone for a good but expensive dinner with your friends, think of those who would die to be in your position but instead appreciating every moment they are with their parents and savouring every dish that are served by their parents, knowing that nothing will ever taste as good. You will never be able to feel the same void had you not been in that position. Appreciate life.


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    (another) very nice post !!! enjoy reading it, almost like chicken soup material !!! hehehe...

  • At 2:57 AM, Blogger princessE said…

    Thanks. Glad u have been following :)


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