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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wind and Rain

Besieged with insomnia, I jogged at 6.30 am today (yikes, some days I even sleep at that time!) under the tracks of the MRT. Dark skies loomed above me threateningly but the color of the skies illuminated the way my heart felt. As the small raindrops dribbles slowly down, and as I ran faster to numb myself of all feelings, the drops got bigger and I felt the warmth of the skies crying with me. I actually felt better having something that cried together with me. For a moment, I just want to escape to a place where hearts can never be broken and tears only dropped for joy. Well, there is always rainbow after the rain right? Slowly, I found my form of escape, through words.Too beautiful not to be presented. Surrounded by the lush music and dark clouds, I immersed myself in his soul.......Jay Chou's......

Dark clouds cast a shadow over our hearts
I listen intently to the feelings that have long been silenced
Distinct and clear
Just like a beautiful landscape
That can only be clearly seen in one's memories
Can a heart that's been thoroughly wounded cotinue to love?

I tried to hold your cold hands
The tenderness in the past
Is locked in time
All that's left are sadness that cannot be dispersed
Longing is like maple leaves, slowly drifting down
I light a candle to warm year-end's autumn

The aurora steals across the horizon
The north wind flits across the face that's thinking of you
Ashes from my burning heart falls like leaves
But I can never regain (your) familiar face again

Longing is like maple leaves, slowly difting down
Why must I try to recover all before winter arrives?

My love for you trancends all time
Two streams of tears that were shed for the autumn's end
Let the love flood through
I just want you by my side

The lush mountainside forest
Withers in the North Wind
I sway the windchime gently
Attempting to awaken this abandoned love
Snhowflakes have already covered the ground
Fearing that the maple leaves outside the window are already frozen

-Adapted from Jay Chou's song entitled 'Feng' or Maple.


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