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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Do You See Life through Rose-Tinted Glasses?

When I was in Disneyland Hong Kong, my whole family was given a pair of glasses that looked very ordinary, almost like a 3D glass. What we see through those glasses was beautiful and astounding. When we were watching fireworks, lights reflected through the glasses looking like snow flakes with such wonderful patterns and illumination of colours. Till today, I keep the pair of glasses safe in my drawer, reminding myself of how when times are down, I should be positive and ignore the ugly side of life for a while. Besides, even Buddha needs time to recuperate before spreading his good works of wisdom and acts of sacrifice.

The news I read today however was way beyond putting current affairs behind some rose-tinted glasses. It was more of a deceit when the media of a country covers up all the bad and negative agenda even when it is so obvious just to portray a good situation in the eyes of the public. It was shocking how China media can block so much freedom of speech, preventing any misdemeanors which might happen. This is such a pity as it is acts like these that create a nation that is not civic-countries and even selfish.

London meanwhile published the whole story truth and truth, even showing pictures of the chaos that happened when the Olympics Torch was carried across London due to the protests of people towards the plight in Tibet. It is in a country like this that people are aware of social issues, contributes back to the society and voices out when things are not right. Even though sometimes, the demonstrations might get out of hand, it is encouraging to see the spirit of people coming out to fight for the rights of human while China continues to bask in their inhumane treatments of those in Tibet. And what better way to do it than during the lighting of the Torch which would give China media the greatest impact and exposure. It is such a disappointment to see China’s media, People’s Daily reporting such a rose-tinted view of the event, keeping their people under wraps of the ability to practise freedom of speech. Well to see that happening will be years and decades to come, stifling the advancement and growth of this economic powerhouse.

This brings me to the main topic of discussion: how much do you see life through rose-tinted glasses? Do you choose to live life this way or are you oblivious to certain important issues in the world? I know a lot of people (maybe even 90% of the people in this world) belong to the latter, choosing to live life the way they want, believing only things that benefit them and putting self-enjoyment above contribution. I am proud to be mixing with people who do not belong to this category, choosing to not just accept things the way they are but work towards change, towards an improved life, no matter how hard. Often times, the government stifles actions through filtered media, creating only a small handful who fights and criticizes what is not right. It is good and joyful to live life through rose-tinted glasses if you just want a comfortable life. However, I am glad not everyone is like that or else, there would be no Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Aung San Suu Kyi and Siddhartha Gautama in this world who made a difference and created greatness.

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one. - Mother Teresa

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