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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Chick Flick Chicks

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The dame of all shows, the belle of all movies. What makes certain girls stand out above the rest, garnering more female appeal than the rest of the female species?

It started with Meg Ryans as the doe-eyed beauty, always looking forlove in the wrong places and finally falling in love with the simple guy next door. Followed by Julia Roberts as the unique contemporary beauty whose potrayal of a New York hooker falling for a rich elite man brought many more romantic comedies to her helm. The tall blond beach girl called Cameron Diaz was on US most wanted list for chick flicks ranging from silly laugh out loud There's Something About Maryto holiday feel good movie The Holiday. Kate Hudson did not do too bad as the cheery, ever laughing girl who falls in and out of love with the wrong guy. Who can forget Reene Zellweger's porayal as the slightly plump but actually normal weight of a UK girl as Bridget Jones torn between two lovers in incredibly different personalitiesin Bridget Jones diaries which she lter ventured into more challenging roles. An ever lasting American sweetheart who won the votes of the Academy Awards through Johnny Cash is Reese Witherspoon but was lovable in chick flicks like Sweet Home Alabama and Legally Blonde. Now, there is a new entrant into the lovely all-American sweetheart who has also won the long deserved Academy award, Katherine Heigl who now has claimed 2 fairly successful chick flicks: Knocked Up and 27 Dresses. I like her, due to the fact she does not potray the frail, stick thin actresses whose lives depend on love but who can hold her own while maintaining a buxom and voluptuous physique.

So what makes these bevy of beauties so alluring and appealing to the eyes of viewers that people can watch them on the big screens over and over again, laughing at their weird antiques, crying when they are lost and rejected in love and emulating their moves and accents. Why do we love watching the way their eyes curve when they smile, their nose cringe when they are unsure and their pitiful face when they cry? Besides their pretty, doe-like faces, with sunny dispositions and smooth mostly blonde hair, one of the qualities that make them endearing is their strong and independent but vulnerable & emtional attitudes. Despite the strong exterior they present while at work and in public, they are such softies inside, looking for true love in the funniest way possible. I guess this makes them characters that most of us girls can relate to and why us girls and even some guys get addicted to them. Thank God for chick flicks :)

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