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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Characteristics of People Born in the Year of Horse

It's just characteristics of a horse, wanting to roam free, always on the move and always working hard no matter what they do. If one was to see the characteristics of those born in the year of horse, you would see a person who is restless and always striving for excellence. And that is who I am. Career-driven, ambitious and knows what I want. And most of the people I know who are born in the same year too.

Horses (in this context I refer to people born in the Chinese year of horse) in general has more depth in their soul, being quite philosophical if they wanted to. Horses will be the first to help tsunami striken families, be involved in social endeavors and has stronger values than other animal signs. Being workalcholic, life to them is not all about enjoying even though they like to reward themselves every once in a while, unlike animals like rabbits and roosters that aim in life is to enjoy or to eat good food and relish a materialistic life.

Unfortunately, this sign might be one of those that gets domesticated (means married) much later as theyare driven to achieve other things in life first or deemed too independent to the point of arrogance. Well, one can’t just have everything in life right?

Most common quotes coming out from the horses' mouth, pardon the pun:
'I want to be financially independent at 40'
'I want to be a millionaire by 30'
'I am not free tonight cos gotta work'
'I left because of a better offer. How can I say No!'
'I do more than one job'

I am just so proud of one of the horses which has made Malaysians proud, Jaclyn Victor who represented Malaysia in Asian Idol and sang her heart out but unfortunately lost to the pretty boy Hady Mirza from Singapore.One could seehow hard she works and how she puts her all in each and every performance, a true, blue horse she is. :)

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