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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wish Upon a Facebook

I never thought you can tell someone's personality through image selection. Guess I was wrong. This test called Wishabi which I found through a friend's invite in Facebook (what is not on Facebook nowadays) requires you to select from quite an exhaustive list of photos, the ones that you like and strikes you best. I chose what appealed to me most and those that I wish I can see in real life (this is wish test after all) and walla, the results really revealed my wish/personality trait. I tend to like images of sceneries and colors, reason why I am excited by new things, the potential and promises they bring from friends to relationships to places. When I travel, I enjoy seeing sights and sounds, not shopping, reason why I rather go holidaying with guys. Thus, I am the kind of person who gets uncomfortable being too comfortable, hehe, such irony. well, life is too short to try something too many times. There are many fishes in the sea and birds in the sky. Hehe.

So, try it and see what you get. If you choose pictures of food, most definitely you enjoy eating, etc...well this test is so darn easy to guess. But guess what, by being in Facebook and being so dumb and easy to use, it might just be the type of application that can appeal to users most. The business model here is now, you have the user preference/profile and wish list of millions of Facebook users who addictively invite their friends and friends of friends to test their wish personality too. What does this mean to retailers? Targeted marketing to a guaranteed millions of users! Imagine the ability to get a whole list of emails that have selected a branded handbag as their wishlist, this already saves the retailer's trouble of finding out if the consumers want to purchase a handbag in the first place. This allows them to tailor their promotions to make the wishabi users' wishes come true. Vast potential indeed!


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  • At 4:08 PM, Blogger neil said…

    If you think wishabi is a good marketing tool, you should look at the christmas tree app!

    It's a wonder how the dumbest things (like all these dumb applications on facebook) are the most addictive. I myself am getting somewhat addicted. Let me log in to facebook and send you a christmas gift! hahahahah

  • At 7:47 PM, Blogger princessE said…

    Hey thanks. I will try it myself. Addictive indeed.


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