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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Now Write for CNet Asia

With such a crazy schedule, I forgot to mention that I am now a small fish in the pool of freelancers for CNet Asia writing commentaries on digital cameras. Yikes! You heard me right. Digital camera, something I have absolutely no idea on, let alone to write about it. It was a good task though, it allowed me to look at a camera at a different angle and with more focus on each functions and how they affect the photos. Some guys would say that this is a dream job to be able to play with digital cameras every week but it's not easy when all you know using a digital camera is point, shoot and the occasional zoom and preview. Anyway, it was fun to get the article out from the point of view of an amateur.

The best part is all these opportunities came just because I took a bit of time out of my busy schedule despite how sleepy I am to write reviews and a bit on my personal rantings. And this made me a mini-writer. When I recommended someone else to my CNet friend as I know of so many more guys who know how to use the digital camera better than me, the next question is 'Does he write?' or 'Show me his blog'. Well, I know a lot of people who can actually write, just that they are too lazy to put pen to paper or in this case, keyboards to blogs. As for me, having a blog pays off after all. :)


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