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Thursday, September 27, 2007

What Makes You Happy?

People spend too little time appreciating what they have and too much time complaining about what they don't have. So below are the list of simple things that makes me happy:

  1. Knowing you have ice-cream in the fridge waiting for you.
  2. Getting a smile from a little baby
  3. Knowing you have just eaten good food without planning for it.
  4. Getting coupons for free shows, treatments or meals.
  5. Knowing people are saying nice things about you behind your back.
  6. Knowing you have a trip to look forward to.
  7. Knowing you helped someone and made their lives better.
  8. Knowing you have a buy-in due to an unexpected connection.
  9. Creating a nice website or blog.
  10. Buying a nice top or jewellery for yourself
  11. Seeing the sunrise
  12. Getting good comments on my blog or photos I took.
  13. Getting compliments.
  14. Getting presents/souvenirs.
  15. Having friends that listen and bitch with you.
  16. Getting acknowledgements from clients
  17. Knowing it is a Sunday and u can just sleep in a little.
  18. Seeing a nice photo of yourself. :)
  19. Hearing good news of your friends, getting good offers, married, etc.
  20. Knowing you have a dinner date after work.
  21. Knowing you have solved/launched something at the most critical hour.
  22. Knowing your team is willing to fight with you.
  23. Sharing good ideas and strategies.
  24. Seeing someone taking a kind-hearted action.
  25. Seeing smiles on a couple's face.
  26. Seeing a full moon on Mooncake festival
  27. Knowing that Chinese New Year is around the corner.
  28. Knowing that you have someone to call when you are down.
  29. Seeing photos of your friend's/relative's child.
  30. Getting enough sleep after a few sleepless nights.
  31. Someone wishes you 'Good Day', as though it will make the whole day better.
  32. Watching a feel-good movie.
  33. Getting inspired by a person, movie or book.
  34. Knowing what you want.
  35. Getting your dreams come true.

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  • At 10:16 AM, Blogger neil said…

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  • At 10:17 AM, Blogger neil said…

    when one learns to stop dwelling on the things she wants and doesn't have, she can be as happy as she would wish to be :)


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