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Sunday, November 04, 2007

TV Cast I Adore & Virtual Shopping

She has to be my favorite cast so far, witty, intelligent with beauty to boot, I relate to her the way noone else does. (Hehe, perasan!) She is Ellen Pompeo from Grey Anatomy's fame. Everyone wants to be a star of their own show. Do you sometimes feel that when you wake up, you narate your own show? That today will be a better day and you will narrate everything that happens to you and your friends at the end of the day? That you are just an actress in life that learns as each day passes by?

Well, why do I relate to her? Cos she does what is required of her even though sometimes it is not what she want. Cos she is intelligent yet vulnerable in times that is required. Cos she is emotional and is not afraid to show it. She is compassionate when the time is right. She is weak and does not know if she should follow her heart(sleeping with McSteamy when he knows he has not divorced his wife yet) or head (sleeping ith George cos he might be the godd guy she needs in her life). And most important of all, she is just another actress in this complex thing you call life, walking through the path of life making each day counts and hoping that everyday will be a little better. :)

I am having such an amazing time playing with some Web2.0 apps like Stardolls that I used to create these amazing pictures of Ellen Pompeo. It almost feels like shopping without using any moolah. I love dressing up my favorite actresses like Alexis Biedel, Rachel Bilson, Carrie Underwood and Lucy Liu while some singer/actress has such great apparels, shoes and handbags to mix and match with like Skye Sweetnam (as shown on left) and Rachel Bilson. You can see my tastes here which is more romantic, girly and elegant, not too funky and over-the-top. My only qualm is some of the outfits do not fit the celebrities personality and some do not have matching shoes to fit their beautiful dresses (yep, shoes are real important!)but there are just too many to choose from. Websites like these are fast becoming a great platform for advertising as it attacts the right target market who loves clothes and shopping. With more than 11 Million (amazing!) registered member from all over the globe, this website is every advertisers' dreams come true.

Another website that does the same thing but using real items to dress yourself up is called Polyvore. This website depend on advertisers who will provide photos of their items to be added into the repository to be chosen by the registered members. The best part is people can comment on all your creations which you get more feedback from the whole community of users rather than just your friends when you go shopping. Imagine choosing one earrings and shoes that looks so great on the vrtual you, thus, all you need is to know what brand it is and to click on the button and start your online purchasing. 3 days later, walla, the item arrives at your home and you can now make the virtual you become real.

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