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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Danga Bay in Johor Bahru

If there is one place that has a vast difference between night and day, it would have to be Danga Bay, a little reclusive area in the corner of Johor Bahru. While at daylight, the whole place is like a ghost town, at night, it transforms into a fun fair of activities with neon lights adorning the whole place. It was teeming not only with people but with singers at every corner of the place. There were Malay singers in the Malay pubs and Chinese singers (who sings Chinese and English songs beautifully) in 2 more pubs.

One of the most beautiful restaurant I have seen in Malaysia is also here. It is a beautifully lighted up cruise ship, so beautiful a bride was taking photos next to it. On closer look by the beach, I saw the water was so dirty and realised the reason why. There was a drain leeking dirty water into the sea.

I commend the effort the Malaysia government took in creating such a beautiful hangout place for the people of Johor. Perhaps this is part of the Iskandar Development Region (IDR) efforts which will convert Johor into a busy commercial area for Malaysians and Singaporeans due to its geographic locaiton. I thought it would have been a great hangout place for Singaporeans seeking a different escape (considering how small the island is) with cheaper food & beverage (after conversion to RM). All they needed to do is to prepare a ship to the area from Sentosa Island to that area and they might get many more high spending people there. However, with the number of local visitors there, I doubt the govt will do anything just yet.

Finally, a little sundial was built in the vicinity which was showing 12.20pm when I arrived at 2.30pm. Haha!


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