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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Something Magical Happens Everyday!

Something magical happens everyday. And it happens when you least expects it. As for me, magical things happen on simple bus rides from KL to Singapore and vise versa. I take one almost every month having to go back to KL either for family visits or for work. I met so many variety of wonderful characters through this 5 hour trips and I am glad to say I have expanded my network of people due to chatting with people on the trains or buses who go to Singapore for travel or for work, like me.

I met people working in the Defense line (when traveling by train from KL to Gemas, wow, I forgot there is even a place with that name in Malaysia), a cheerful girl in the Creative industry (by bus from Larkin to KL) and a pretty Ipon girl in the Sales line (which I conversed animatedly for the last 3 hours on bus comparing the differences of life and people in Malaysia and Singapore). It is the time when I am traversing between modes of working competitively in Singapore and going back to warm and compassionate Malaysia that I am a bit confused on how to handle my emotions that appears characters like these which seem to light up the journey a little.

I even had rides on Aeroline, the Executive coach that serves really yucky food that cost you RM80 per ticket just to use a miniature toilet, have food served to you as well as to use powerpoints without Internet connections. These bus rides have the friendliest pasengers of the lot and sometimes when I am hesitant to chat as my focus was to get as much rest as I can while I am on the bus or to snuggle up to my book, there appears these amazing characters that astounds me with intellectual talks and sharings of experiences in countries all over the world. I even had an uncle who talked so much that I feel he was bragging but I was too courteous to stop him and I guess he found the greatest listener of all as he went on the whole journey. Then I had this auntie who talked to the boys behind her and while I eavedropped their conversation, I knew she just wanted a partner to talk to and thus started talking to her. She was so pleased that I helped her with her immigration card and carried her luggage for her that she gave me a souvenir (as depicted in photo) from China and chatted with me on her great experiences there. I learnt a lot abt China from her. ;)

I sat beside a guy whom I thought was arrogant just to find out at the last 3o minutes that he has the most intellectual mind and fantastic regional experiences due to his profession as Researcher for an International Japan bank, interviewing Fund Managers all over that world. I wished we had chatted earlier as that short conversation was one of the most informative 30 mins in my life!

See how magical things can happen in a simple menial bus ride. So chat with the stranger beside you next time, you never know what you gonna get. ;)


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