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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Extraordinary Beings

A man who almost lost his mother to cancer and who is now divorced but having to take care of 2 kids due to the irresponsible nature of his ex-wife but is unbelivably positive and optimistic about life regardless of all challenges he is going through. A male boss who is also divorced, fell in love with a beautiful colleague who likes his gay best friend but fights for his staff and takes life easy despite all challenges he go through. An intelligent non-graduate who lives life to the fullest being street smart and business savvy with values filled with social kindness and the well being of humanity.

My life in Singapore can be viewed like a soap opera but yet I am living it day by day. Had I not been in Singapore, I would not have met these incredible characters and would have been trapped being among those who think that being seen in the latest handbag from LV or tasting food from the poshest restaurants bring meaning to their life. They must not have heard of Alicia Key's song - 'If I Ain't Got You' and understood the meaning. Well, I am glad that I met these people whom I gain inspirations and shaped my life despite being in a country which everyone deemed materialistic. Even the programmer I manage inspires me with his ambitions, determination and thoughtfulness for the company despite being bombarded with ever lasting work. That is why I never stereotype and find more joy in knowing people and celebrate their idiosyncrasies. I hope to meet more of these people and continue to have guidance in my life.

You know who you are and I will continue to gain strength and inspiration from you.

"Most of mankind is born into mediocrity, with a lucky few born to greatness. But is one's destiny predetermined or open to nurture and a bit of luck for good measure."

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