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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

NEW YEAR 2008 Resolution

So, what is my New Year Resolution this year? If you remember my last year's resolution, I had already thought of this year's resolution so now I shld be thinking of 2009 right? Wrong! I am going to let things be this year, no planning and let life happen. I believe one should not plan too much cos my hardest lesson learnt is things usually don't turn out as expected. And you get let down. So, in contrary, I will just let go and live life, for a change. It's like ordering Roti Prata just to find out that what you liked was actually the gravy and not the dough of the prata. In life, you know what to order but it is the sides that makes it more interesting. As long as you still have a direction.

Just like this movie which says that 'His life might have ended but he lived forever in the hearts of many'. So, do something meaningful in your life and live everyday of your life. Go watch the movie P.S. I Love You, from a book by Cecelia Ahern. You will learn to live your life everyday :)

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR and May 2008 be a splendid and prosperous year for all. :)

'Instead of being more organized or controlling in your approach, allow for serendipity. Happy accidents happen when you look side to side or up, not always forward. Don't stop planning. Rather step out of the tunnel. Put yourself in situations that allow for the unexpected. Life is situationally driven. Learning happens in context. Be ready when opportunities arise. The more space you've cleared in your life for something new, the more right things will happen. More or less.

Marcia L. Conner, author, "Learn More Now"


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