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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Am On the Net! Yikes!

Imagine a world where every human being is tracked and there is a repository of people with their contact details and work experience noted in a website for the world to query and see. Wouldn't this sound like a movie of police investigation through the Internet aka, The Net? There is one now called ZoomInfo which lists automatically (unlike LinkedIn which you need to register to update your details and to add contacts) details of all people in the world that has some sort of a website or prominent working experience, at least crucial enough to have references who are already registered into the website.

I feel honoured for having a profile that is quite high up there for such a common name and for not registering into the website. I queried for my name and it returned people from Good Governance organization and even an American Society of Aging, proving that people with this name are people who would end up doing something good and kind to the society. And when I clicked into it, I get to see my pretty photo :) and all my work experience from websites with considerably high traffic that has my name in them. But most important of all, with my profile up here, I am actually contactable for any kind of job recommendation and references. And with registration into LinkedIn and Facebook, I have not missed out any opportunities to cast my network wider, not for social contacts, mind you but just for long term future references. It is important to build your portfolio and brand through the most prominent mediums now. You never know who you might just know from a simple click of a button. Now, if only some irritating people stop doing so much poking and warring on Facebook. Hehe :)


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