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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Little Deed Goes a Long Way

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What do you do everyday that changes a little bit of someone's life for the better? Some go to church every weekend to confess their sins and to donate money to the church hoping that it will be used for the better of the society. Some donate to the charity hoping that whatever little is left after spreading it out with the organization, the small donation will be contributed back to the poor and unfortunate. Some lounges on their couch and watches shows like Oprah and whinged an sobbed whenever the topic of poverty or diseases all over the world is brought up.

What do I do everyday that makes a difference in this world? I am proud to say I have done my part in denominations of daily. monthly and annually. On a daily basis, whenever I turn on my PC and I am already doing something to help cure AIDs, yes, you must be laughing, thinking these are just good thoughts but I do believe that by installing World Community Grid on my PC/laptop, I am helping to increase the chances of curing AIDs and cancer. What happens is this tool uses your PC's idle resources to calculate the different variances in curing AIDs or cancer. All you have to do is select which project you want to get involved in and click the Download button to get your free software.

Monthly, I donate a small portion of my money towards the empowerment, education and betterment of a girl I sponsored in Thailand. This is done through WorldVision organization who helps poor societies all over the world to build better homes for their kids, provide them with healthy food and pay for the children education. I am proud to say I am the proud step mom of a beautiful Thai girl who draws for me whenever she can. And I am even more proud when I spread this to other people and found more than 3 people close to me doing the same, adopting
kids from Indonesia, China and Laos. It's a nice feeling to know someone out there appreciates what you provide for them every month.

Annually, I participate in volunteer programs like Collecting donations for kids with Mental Disorders in collaboration with Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day. I approached people who lined up to get their free ice-creams to ask for their kindness in donating to the unfortunate kids to contribute to the cost of their operations and healthcare. It saddens me to hear of the condition of spastic and autistic kids who all they want is to continue living another day in their live. The enlightening observation I get from this volunteer activity is that those who willingly donate are actually better looking with better sense of dressing and poise compared to those who did not donate. God is fair after all ;)

Recently, I am honoured to say that I organised a Blood Donation Drive on behalf of the entrepreneur organization I joined in Singapore called Project:Senso. I printed posters and stick it all around Singapore hoping for a bigger turnout, hoping that entrepreneurs will learn to give to receive. It was quite dissapointing to have a small turnout but am glad that I went ahead with it. I even managed to create some first time donaters among my teammates. Sometimes, you need that extra push to encourage you to do the noble thing. Those I thought were afraid to donate had no fear at all but were just too lazy to do so without an event like this. My best observation from this blood donation is people who gives a bit of themselves are truly nice to one another as can be felt at the hospital. Strangers who sleep beside one another can't stop smiling and struck up conversations with the stranger next door.

In the future, I aim to go on holidays or honeymoons in the nature of volunteering my efforts towards the betterment of the society, be it teaching English or helping build houses and schools and visiting new and exotic countries at the same time. What better way to travel than to know that you are helping someone at the same time, clearly not for those who fancy luxuries and pure relaxation but hey, what is that compared to the feeling of satisfaction from helping someone creating a better life. Yoou can do this through Global Volunteers which gives you a great selextion of places to go for your volunteering efforts or Go Differently that promotes responsible and ethical travels to the exotic land of the Asia Pacific. Check out this website of a guy who quit his job as a Geography teacher to cycle all the way from Siberia back to London to see the world and managed to collect a donation over £21,000 for the children at risk charity ‘Viva’. His experience throughout the journey was priceless. Bravo!

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