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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Dream Green Wedding

Yes, the dreaded wedding images have been toying in my mind for sometime now. Maybe because my biological clock is ticking louder as I am nearing my big 3-0. But then again, who gives a fuck if I still have so much to love for as a single. Hehe!

Anyway, if I ever do have a wedding, these will be my hard and fast rules. Anyone who watched Blood Diamond will be cold hearted to be able to even lift up a diamond ring and considering purchasing one just to prove to your loved one the amount of money she is worth. At the back of my mind, I would have felt so guilty to have made so many Africans bleed and die just to dig that small sparkly stone out of the earth and to be place on my finger as a symbol of eternity. I was never one tempted by commercial values of things thus my dream came true when instead of buying Brilliant Rose from SooKee, a well known jewelry retailer in Singapore to considering purchasing Brilliant Earth, a retailer of conflict free diamonds where the diamonds are tracked from the mine in Canada through cutting, polishing and transport to ensure that it enters an uninterrupted chain of events that lead to the smuggling of diamonds to conflict areas like Sierra Leone. The best part is 5% of your purchase will be donated back to the African communities who have been sacrificed by the greed of human.

While everyone dreams of getting married on a cruise which to me is silly as it is so inconvenient to step onto a ship and be transported nowhere. Who knows, maybe my guests might get seasick and throw up during the ship ride. Ideally, my wedding location has to be near somewhere enveloped by nature be it water like a beach or grass like a garden. Of course that would be dreamlike but that to me is respecting the earth by being close to nature during the happiest day of my life. If you have watched ‘The Bachelor’ series, the walkway of The Bachelor 11 where the last 2 girls walk towards a dreaded rejection or a coveted proposal by the Bachelor looked simply sumptuous. It was a white carpeted walkway leading towards a white elevated platform, surrounded by beautiful pots of flowers, overlooking the best seaside I could have ever seen. Never has a place awed me so much I could open my mouth during the whole scene on tv.

The wedding meals will NOT consist of shark fin, despite it being an obligatory meal during the course of a Chinese dinner. I truly disrespect people who think having shark fin is a symbol of power and status as haven’t they heard how violent and cruel sharks are murdered just to get their fin? Or are they just ignorant? In its place, I will serve the best tasting soup or even lobster (but then I hate to see so many lobsters killed too) just like what was done during one of my friend’s wedding diner and I dare say the delicious chicken and cucumber soup was 100 times tastier than a bowl of soup with meager pieces of fins from the shark.

Performances during my wedding will not be tarnished by loud croaking voices from the karaoke of my relatives, or at least I will leave that till last. I will hire a band who can play a medley of beautiful English, Chinese and Korea love songs to bring back the memories of love among all my guests. And the performance will be done by none other than blind and disabled people, among some who could play incredibly well compared to some musicians in the bars and pubs. If I could pay someone to do the job, why not be charitable instead.

Last and not least will be my honeymoon which I have contemplated going for volunteer vacations so that I not only get to see new exotic places like Cook Islands, China or Nepal but also contribute back to the society by perhaps teaching them English or helping them build a school. What better way to adapt to the culture of others by being a part of them and eating their food? I am checking out programmes from Global Volunteers as they have such a large number of places to choose from and such great objectives.

There you have it, my wedding dreams which might not necessarily lead to reality but one can always dream. Who knows…I might inspire you – A wedding with a difference

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  • At 1:17 PM, Blogger dannie chOOng said…

    wow...such noble thought for a well planned wedding ! no shark-fin, blind and disabled people for music and volunteers program trip for honeymoon. very nice...

  • At 1:28 AM, Blogger princessE said…

    Well, did not plan it. Got inspirations from things I pick up along the way. Now is my dream :)


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