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Friday, April 04, 2008

Pieces of Me

Sometimes I turn on the music so loud
It hinders negative emotions from seeping into my soul
Sometimes I drown myself in work which I do so well
It feels so good not to be pulled down by unproductive thoughts
Sometimes I sleep only at wee hours of the morning
Lulled by the stillness of the morning creating a void in me
Sometimes I sit alone by the water staring into darkness
Allowing the calmness of the water and billows of the wind to induce tranquility
Sometimes I hug a lot of pillows before I am lulled into dreamland
Feeling the love and warmth of these objects surrounding me
Sometimes I watch little movies that touches and tears me
Capturing these little fragments of emotions that I hold so dear
Sometimes I ask myself where you'd go
Hoping that one day you will come back.....

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