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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Woman Empowerment in a TV Box

Call it Sex and the City, the successful female version, no such characters as a damsel in distress hoping for a life of perfection (aka Charlotte) and a struggling writer who falls for bad, unavailable boys over and over again (aka Carrie) even when they turn 40. It is women empowerment at its best and it has been presented through a TV show called 'Cashmere Mafia'. It was fun watching those characters going through the same dilemmas that I would, considering these ladies are more successful than their partners, holding bigger positions, higher salaries and more important responsibilities than their spouse or fiances. And to see how they thread through life in the most impossible ways being the woman in charged and yet trying their very best to maintain a sane relationship.

One moment that touched me was how the fiance of Lucy Liu broke up with her after she won the promotion over him by saying that he just wants to go back to someone who he can escape to, takes care of his kids and laugh with. And because Lucy Liu (aka Mia in the show) is always putting her work first and trying to compete with him, he gets tired. How can one blame one for knowing what one wants. Is it wrong? Maybe it is wrong when you do not compromise for the one you love. But I do think that some women are made stronger than others, less dependent and more career-minded. I most likely fall easily into this category and yes, some people do admit it gets tiring at times, cos I have such high expectations on my partner since I have high expectations on myself as well. The message was as though a woman can't have it all, a good career and a good marriage. Sometimes it gets pretty lonely to be at the top and yet you still have so much responsibilities to take, but guess that's how it is sometimes.

On the other side of the coin, the spouse who is married to a workalcoholic or someone driven and ambitious can get pretty lonely for having to take dinner alone when their partner is having late meetings and dissapointed at times when they see their partner getting more recognition and opportunities than they do. However, it touches me to see an episode when the husband of one of the successful lady went for dinner with another lady as his wife is late due to work an when the lady said how bad it must be for his wife to be leaving him like that, he denied and said that it is good that he is there to balance her out. Awwww....and when she suggested that they should sleep together as they are both in the same position, being neglected by their over-worked partners, he was shocked as it had never occured in his mind that he would. Anyway, we have to wait for the next few episodes to see if he will. And then, we will know if a woman can indeed have it all.

I could never imagine a tv series I could relate to more. I am a Mafia! :)

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