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Friday, March 25, 2005

Blogger vs. Friendster

Read the blog of The Visitor and found that I shared the same sentiments regarding Friendster. It took me some time before I joined Friendster after months of being persuaded by my friend and even then I did not check it ever so often. In Friendster, you keep adding friends to your list of friends of friends even to the point that you might be adding a pyscho-maniac to be your friend. I find it funny to see people posting their most beautiful photo taken from the oh-so-beautiful background and blurred lightings of studios to ensure that they increase their chances of being selected as friends of friends of friends, la la la based on their mechanically enhanced looks.

Blogger however is something I can get addicted as it gives me an avenue to express myself and for more meaningful conversations with like-minded people. It gives me a platform to debate on issues important or not and am glad some people have made it their platform for voicing grouses and to get innumerable feedback. A good example will be Jeff Ooi's blog and and Petaling Street. Of course I also know of some who loves going into their blogs just to see their comments growing as a symbol of their popularity.

Thus, here are some of my observations and comparisons:

Blogger vs. Friendster

Self-indulgent vs. Self-insecure

Deep vs. Surface

Opinions vs. Teases

Telling stories vs Networking

Whatever you use blog or friendster for, as long as you are doing something useful rather than running around naked or chopping people up, then I am fine with both. And both helps you to make the world a smaller place by connecting to more people all over the world. Just a crude comparison :)

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