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Friday, April 22, 2005

Jacket of Accolades for 'The Jacket'

"Sometimes, you only make sense of your life after you see your own death" - this quote blew me away.

Have you ever had the chance to view your life only after you died? Who would have the chance to do that? That was what exactly happened to Adrien Brody in his character in The Jacket. Accolades to Adrien Brody too for such a convincing protrayal of this tormented character who had to go through life as someone who could not remember anything that happened to him after his first near-death encounter. How did that happened, one would ask. Did someone totally wipe out his entire collection of mind just for that period using that device used in Men-In-Black?

Anyway, his amnesia served the story well as that was exactly the reason he had to be tied in a Jacket, pushed into a compartment just fitting for a corpse and left there with no oxygen, no food and no toilet (for heavens sake! How can one live like that?!!!) for hours even days just to get the memory out of him. The amazing part was this compartment turned out to be a Time Travelling Machine and he travelled back in time to meet the girl of his dreams and find that he was already dead in the future. Hahaha! I just spoiled the movie for half the population in Malaysia. The part that puzzled me was how he could actually have the time to make love knowing that he will be dead in 4 hours. Well, let's just say he made the best of everything esp when he knows he will be dead.

What initially meant to be a movie about a race in time to figure out the cause of death and to avoid death (But from all the movies I watched, noone can ever do that, thanks to fate) turned out to a movie about how life should never be taken for granted. If you do know that you will be dead due to some certain reasons, will you be doing what you are doing now that contributes to that reason? Most likely not. But will this ever happens? Well, now I am waiting for someone from the future to tell me who I will marry, how rich will I get and when will I die so that I can plan towards it all. Yeah, right! :P

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