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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Art Unites, Politics DisUnites

Does art unite people in ways politics can't? I was propelled to question this after reading an article in The Edge about Datuk Ibrahim Hussien, the artist who is now a cultural ambassador of Malaysia having a cultural musem to promote artwork from all over the world in Langkawi. His artwork above are prove of his expression in political unity.

Quoting an incident in his life on May 13, when he was promoting his painting to the ministers of Malaysia, the then Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak asked him gravely "What does May 13 mean to you?"

He responded "May 13 happened in the year Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. If man uses his brain, he can land on the moon. But if man regresses, he ends up killing each other. May 13 is not a national tragedy, it is a human tragedy that could happen anywhere."

Art has once again transcended politics. For him, art is used to record events of the era for his fellowmen. For bloggers, blog is used for the same purpose. :)

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