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Thursday, April 07, 2005


Life presents itself with many challenges. And that is what makes life exciting. Can you ever imagine ever having just a straight line? I pity those who do cos they will never have the emotions like those I can feel. Life will be like eating plain bread everyday. The fire that burns when I am excited about something, the passion that zeals my spirit and the misery that creates melancholic mood in me. For me, life is like eating ice-cream one day and curry mee the next. Well, life has its ups and downs but what fun is the up without the down?

Like the stock market, I am on a down-trend now. But my hopes are high that it will go on the uptrend. And even if it does not, I will lift my spirits up and do whatever it takes to make life better. Never give up on yourself. Who else can help you but you?

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