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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

He's Just Not That Into You

"How come you didn't call?" her benign expression starting to wear a frown.
"Oh man, my phone fell into the drain last week. All my numbers were lost and I had not even gotten a new phone." replied Mark, looking apologetic.
"Oh, poor you. Must have been tough for you." Relief overwhelmed her.

How many times have you come across a scenario like this? Do you actually think the guy is telling the truth. If yes, read on...

Caught an episode of Oprah today and was immensely entertained by the antiques of middle-aged, intelligent, ambitious young women of America questioning the writer of the book "He's Just Not That Into You". His name is Greg Behrendt, the writer and consultant of the successful series "Sex and the City" and co-writer is . It is hilarious to see how many women in US and all over the world suffer from symptoms of giving excuses to guy's excuses for not wanting to call them, date them, marry them or kiss them.

What I liked about his advise is that all woman should raise their standards, not conform to the standards the guy has. If he is not wanting the same things as you, he is just that into you. Don't waste pretty!

When a man forgets to call, did not ask me out or only text message me when he is free for "drinks", I know "HE IS JUST NOT THAT INTO ME". Why? Coz I do the same when I want to reject a guy or KIV them as a potential partner. It is easier to give excuses than to tell them the truth. When I really like a guy, I WILL make time and effort. But gals are not as bad as the attraction could occur only after knowing the guy better. But if a guy is to not like a girl from the start, it is almost a 0.01% chance that the feelings will grow on them. Nada!

Have to admit I learnt it through many experiences though but was glad it was still not too late. It hurts me to see how even some of my gal frens now are going through these and yet do not learn from their mistake. All I can do is guide them without hurting them too much. I like to see their happy faces when they start speculating signs that the guy they like might like them too. But gals, guys do NOT think and act like gals. They do not complicate matters of the heart. If they like you, they like you. That is it. They do not hesitate, they do whatever it takes. maybe with the exception of some guys who are actually shy and submissive. So, all I hope is, it is really true the guy is taking it slow before they make the kill; well, at lest before I break them the news: "He is just not that into you!" Uhh...imagine how much those words would pierce their heart.

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  • At 8:54 AM, Anonymous yeelien said…

    I read an article about this book on Reader's Digest some months back. Haven't read the actual book though. Do let me know how you'd enjoyed it if you have the chance to read it ;)

  • At 10:54 PM, Blogger princessE said…

    Have not read it but will tell u if I did. Dun really think it is necessary for me now :P


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