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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Autumn in Singapore

Autumn has always been associated as a romantic season what with its sceneries of red and yellow leaves falling to the grounds upon being slapped by the willowy breeze. The cool but unthreatening winds crumpling your hair and chilling your cheeks add to the sensuality of the season. Anyone who adores and follow the ever popular Korean drama "Autumn in My Heart" will attest to this.

It is with this notion that the founder of Mt Faber, Mr Richard Loh Keng Yan transformed a lost and barren land on the hills overlooking Sentosa Island into a venerable tourist attraction with the mood/season of Autumn all year round. The mountain which I prefer to refer to more as a hill as we have so many higher mountains in Malaysia consists of a small cafe overlooking the beautiful city skyline, a collection of restaurants called 'The Jewel Box' or specifically 'Altivo' with an impressive view of the same skyline and a lookout point with a Merlion on top. With its easy accesibility from Sentosa Island, this place makes a good destination for tourists and citizens alike to go up this hill(abt 15 mins by car to reach the summit, yeah, what?!).

I commend the founder for turning such a small, unwanted plot of land into such a money making venture, just like how I would commend Lim Goh Tong for turning the mountain called Genting Highlands into a bustling tourists and Malaysian attraction. Engulfed in the romanctic aura that Mt Faber emanates, I thought of the idea of why Malaysia do not have a place like this besides the Snow House in Mines Wonderland where ppl can go to relax and be somewhere different? Go on, turn Litle Genting in Cheras into a more luxurious place where tourists can go for night viewing and charge them an exorbitant amount for 'teh-o-ais-limau' while you are at it. If it works for Mt faber in Singapore and Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, why didn't anyone think of this type tourist destination for Malaysia. I would do it. Just need an investor and I will handle the rest. If Lim Goh Tong can build a casino on a mountain over 4,000 metres, I don't see why I can't build a nice restaurant and lookout point overlooking the beautiful (but now hazy) skyline of Klang Valley and make money in the process. My mountaneous ambitions. :D

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