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Friday, October 20, 2006

Pork Ribs in Singapore

The best invention in Singapore since ...nothing PORK RIBS!
Among the better pork ribs I have tried so far, not very comprehensive as I have yet to experiment, I cud only wish without putting on the calories:

1. Tony Romas - succulent to the edges of the bones. Talks are ongoing that it is opening in Malaysia but what is the point if there is no pork ribs. Since they are reputed as the world's most famous pork ribs, how would it work if pork ribs is not available. It's like a shop promoting Malaysia's most delicious & famous satay without selling the satay.

2. Cafe Cartel - large chunks of meat dripping with the right amount of sauce. Complemented with great variety of drinks and free flow of bread with every main course, what more can one ask for. ()

3. Billy Bombers, not that great but good enough for me to finish even when I am already full. Great concoctions of burger with cocktail names like B-52. Great blend of thick, I mean densed milk shakes.

The only pork food not available in Singapore is McPork which suprisingly is only found in Thailand's McDonalds. Hmmm, now we know which Asia country has the least population of Muslims or at least the most open country.

Malaysians do not know what they are missing out ;)

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