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Thursday, August 31, 2006

National Service Singapore Style

My friend once told me that once a scar is implanted, it will wear off, but it will never go away. If that is the case, the scars earned by the people in National Service in Singapore will stay with them forever.

Scars of being made to run more than 2.4km to pass the stamina test, scars of being hit when you are punished for your wrong-doings, scars of being shot or to feel like you have been hit by your enemy. ANd it is those scars that made these people who they are. Furthermore, with reservice that ensures all ex-NS comes back for regular training on their skills and endurance, there is no way the male citizens cannot maintain their stamina and strength once they graduate from NS. It is so strict that if they fail any of the test, they will have to reservice every fortnight until they pass. If there is one thing Singaporeans can excel in, it is in maintenance. So, no excuse for that extra cheese and hamburger even after NS. Poor guys.

I pondered the conversation I had with an ex-NS goer saying that the one thing he will never forget from NS were the days when he got punished for raising the national flag at 3am in the morning with his slippers on. It is with this type of punishments that made them harder and sturdier. Beneath the meterosexual looks of the male species here, these people have gone through enough hardships & struggle to handle the terrains of the jungle as well as the city. And we, Malaysians complain we don't have enough shopping centers. Should we not complain we do not have enough forest reserves to keep fit and train our strength & endurance? Do you even know how long you can last if you are thrown into a deserted island with no essentials?

So, despite the time wasted to go through NS, it is indeed a fruitful experience for most. Makes one wonder if Malaysia should make it a compulsory to the guys. Let the gals stay home and be pretty :)

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  • At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    there r 3 sides to every story....ur, mine n the cold damn truth. NS can either make a man out of a boy or break a boy/man. its when the second takes place tt its a crying shame of a decent person gone astray/scarred for life!!

    after serving my NS i left for the UK to pursue law n on looking around my class n spending the next 3 yrs with them through good times n bad....i came to 1 realisation....despite not having done NS, the boyz were all fairly well adjusted boyz/men.

    its all in how one is brought up. during NS, i had guys who had never washed dishes, ironed clothes, etc... while at home n at school. in the UK all the guys had gone through tt at home/school/etc... in fact, my classmates seemed quite well adjusted n capable of taking on anything the world had to give without the benefit of NS :)

    i did my NS with 1st Guards as a platoon commander n we were then an elite unit n very proud of it but if had the option of today sending a son of mine in for NS or to have him in univ. i will rather see him in Univ.



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