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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Could the Other One Be the ONE?

This person finishes all your sentences, he/she laughs at your jokes, he/she makes you shine with radiance, he/she makes you laugh despite all adversities. He/she IS your soulmate, your confidante, your sunlight, your candle. Problem is she is not your current partner.

Have you ever asked yourself this question: "What if I am not with who I am right now, would I be with him/her? Would I have led a happier, more exciting and colourful life? What if I take the plunge, leave my current lover and be with my soulmate? Would he/she still be my soulmate 3, 5 or even more than 10 years down the road?"

Then ask yourself again this question: "Would you miss your current lover if you leave him/her for the other person? Would you feel the same passion with your soulmate once he/she becomes your partner? Would you feel guilty if you were to take the plunge? Often times, things seem attractive before you attain it. The challenge is in the chase. Would you feel the same after you have attained? If yes, then I suggest you go for it. Else, don’t take the risk. You might have just forgotten how much love, happiness, trust and understanding you have shared with your current partner as you are side tracked by something new, fresh and exciting in your life. But then again, maybe not? ;)

If you have this questions burning your mind, watch "Closer". Great movie, good plot, nice looking cast. A movie about four strangers and their chance meetings, instant attractions and casual betrayals. In this movie, Jude Law was constraining himself until he met Natalie Portman who changed him. He became himself and started to live his dreams. He became someone who took chances to the point of betraying Natalie Portman’s love and later leaving her for Julia Roberts who was more of his ideal partner. What are the consequences of him following his heart and not caring for responsibilities? You have to watch this to know especially if you have encountered the same situation.

Maybe it is worth the risk. Just like what Jude Law said – "I am your stranger. Jump!"

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