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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Journey through the Night Safari, Singapore

Trailing through the 3 trails (Fishing Cat Trail, Leopard Trail, Forest Giant Trail) in Singapore’s Night Safari, one would be amazed at the ability of the keepers of the place to train the animals to actually walk out to the front of the screen for the viewing pleasure of human. Imagine seeing the fishing cats licking itself right in front of your face, the spotted leopards playing with one another beside the glass screen and the laughing hyenas striding silently close to us humans. I saw all that and more. Wolfs standing with glory on a huge rock, lions roaring its hearts out, rhinoceros playing in the mud, ant-eaters using their snouts to look for inserts can be seen within the darkness of the Night Safari. Since all those are nocturnal animals, visiting them at night gives you a better experience than daytime. I also enjoyed walking through a small mangrove forest with flying foxes flying above my head. But well, I could get that in my old house, populated by bats.

Do you know that Tigers only eat once every 8 days? Each meal they take is about 25 – 30kg of meat. All this I found out in Night Safari. And after traversing the whole place on foot, I and my family finally gets to sit and relax, watching the Creatures of the Night show. Nothing too amazing with tame animals like otters, civets and racoons coming out to play. I wish they could get the wolf to come out. Hehe.

Well, the Night Safari is worth a visit, if you have SGD20 to spend and even better an additional SGD8 to ride the tram. I suggest you go on foot if you want to see everything but the next day, be prepared not to walk, unless you have my stamina. ;)

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