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Friday, May 19, 2006

Singapore The Sequel

Look at the apartments that I am currently staying in Singapore! Beautiful?!!!

Gotcha! This is the view of the beautiful condo/apartment from the room of my flats in Singapore. There is also a beautiful garden next to it called the Chinese Gardens that I plan to visit for my morning jog one day. A prominent pagoda sits in august in the middle of the park just like any olden Chinese recreational garden. Nice view huh. So nice to wake up to this view every morning J

Anyway, I have packed and settled. My room is just nice with a queen size bed. If you want to see it, you gotta make it trip to Singapore to visit me. Not expensive what, just RM30 for each journey here. Besides it is so worth it to come when I can provide free occomodation and you can buy cheap cheap cheap should I say it again CHEAP clothes, electronics and food here. The Great Singapore Sale is coming, starting from 21 May to 23 July 2006 with incredible price cuts everywhere. Besides I just found out I can get free passes to the beautifully enhanced Singapore Zoo and Night Safari from my company. So now, you have no excuse not to visit me.

Government Efficiency
Malaysia: Got my new MyKad in 8 hours. I swam, had lunch and went back to the NRD office to wait for another 3 hours as I was not told what time to expect it.
Singapoe: Got my work permit in 3 hours. The other 2 hours I was having lunch elsewhere as I was told to come back at 2pm.

Civic Consciousness
Malaysia: People pushing each other to get into the bus.
Singapore: People line up and a guy even gentlemanly let me enter the bus first. J

Malaysia: I had to endure hot air in the LRT and public bus
Singapore: I was watching Urban Legends 2 on a public bus J

Malaysia: No public gym and swimming pools are scarse. Libraries are scarse.
Singapore: Public gym, swimming pool and hawker centers available in each town area and free for staff use. Library easily available. Of coz la, the country so small.

Cost of Living
Malaysia: A bowl of noodle costs RM3.20 in a stuffy hawker center. A bowl of noodle costs RM5.50 in KLCC.
Singapore: A bowl of noodle costs SGD2.50 in an airy hawker center. A bowl of noodle costs SGD4.50 in Takashimaya. Dun convert la!

Malaysia: Can see your regular doctor at RM25++ for a simple fever.
Singapore: Have to pay more than SGD50 for medication for a simple fever. Or did I go to the wrong clinic?

Malaysia: I bring water to work everyday as the boiled water in office looked dirty.
Singapore: I can drink water straight from the pipe.

Malaysia: Some classy, some not. Some cool crowds, some not. Generally picking up with more in The Curve and Zouk in KL. Singapore: Classy and varied crowds, not rowdy, very courteous & classy indeed.

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  • At 5:18 PM, Blogger zeke said…

    shiok nyeeeeeeeeeeeer! susah hati aku! pilates class at SGD1.50?
    Wi-Fi everywhere... sigh! Urban Legend 2 in the bus? OMG!

  • At 5:59 PM, Blogger Nee Sern said…

    u go singapore to work or to clubbing la :P

  • At 10:55 PM, Blogger princessE said…

    Work? What is that? Hehe.

    Irene, dun susah hati, u can enjoy the cheap sale when u come here.


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