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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Half-A-Million Ringgit Race Part 4 in Singapore

Memories of Singapore lingered in my mind like the aftertaste of a chocolate mudpie. It was the ordeal of finding the next clue that led us to various places in Singapore from the North to South, East to West.

Our 1st clue goes like this:
In brave colours, off they go
To other lands in search of
greater control
This loner now sits silently
Resonating with pride, for those in the know

Who would have guessed this to indicate a ship setting sail in the vicinity of the Malay Heritage Village. I for one did not expect the first two lines to indicate the people of Riau instead of the Japanese soldiers during World War 11 setting us into places of WW11 in search of the historical icon who went against the soldiers during the Japanese occupation. We looked under the tombstones of Kranji War Memorial, the seats in the chapel of Changi Chapel and Museum, the pants of Sir Stamford Raffles near the Asean Civilisation Museum and almost ventured into the Harbours in the south like Keppel Harbour near Sentosa Island. We finally found the clue on the bottom of the roof of a hut near the ship beside the Malay Heritage Village. The sight of the 2nd clue printed on a small A4 size paper was a one to be cherished. You could not imagine the satisfaction and sense of achievement I and my bf felt after walking for hours and taking various public transportation around Singapore.

It was a small island of a country with enough places to see and visit for days. Compact is the word for it.

2nd clue was worse. So generic, it could be anything and anywhere:
Hi Lady, your new form seem to have lost much
Still this delectable treat you must not start

Whoa....what the hell could that be. A lady who has lost weight and wants to eat something but can't? Sounds to me like a restaurant with a very tempting dessert with the name of a Lady? Could it be that easy and staight forward? U tell me...

Anyway, this clue led us to more places in Singapore which we would never have thought to visit: there is this one bar called Opium Bar in Empress Place near Espalanade (again!), Lady Hill street which used to house a hotel called Lady Hill Hotel, Raffles Hotel (which is a very beautiful and opulent hotel btw) as it was used to be called "Old Lady of the East and serves a terrific cocktail called Singapore Sling (wasn't that close, but that is not it) and Holland Village with bars of names like Original Sin and Diana Bar. We even pondered on going to Nude Bar in IndoChine, Orchard Road but decided to go against it as we realised the clue most likely might not lead us to restaurants or bars but something not related to food since there is no indication that the treats cannot be eaten! Arrghhhh, they just keep leaving me in suspence and I am back here now awaiting for results. But it was a well-worth and fun trip nevertheless.

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