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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My trip to Korea

Yellow and red leaves adorn the environment, cool breeze billowed everywhere we go, the sweet aroma of seaweed insinuated the air. That is what I remember from my trip to Korea this Oct 2005. A trip planned for Beijing or Shanghai turned into a trip to Korea due to money constraints. Despite the lack of time to visit most places since we were on a tour, I enjoyed the trip immensely.

Food is great, take note: their vegetables are not sprayed with insecticides, thus explaining why the vegetables there tasted better. Why the rice and meat tasted better, I could not explain. Meat and vege barbequed together with rice was one of the main attraction for me. Almost like eating Korean-version of rojak.

One unforgettable place is "Everland" bought by Samsung, the biggest brand in Korea. Colours were everywhere, kids in fanciful clothes and parades with smily ghosts brandished the whole place.

In terms of brands, Korea is a proud country. Brands like Cadbury is replaced by Lotte, Nokia replaced by Samsung, Mercedes by Hyundai. They are not in favour of imports making them incredibly independent but lack in innovation, at least that is what I feel. There are more shops than customers, making the shops empty all the time. I wondered how they survive. The high cost of living has resulted in an extremely thrity society there where everyone is materialistic. And they even say Malaysia's petrol cost is extremely cheap. And boy are we complaining. :)

So, be grateful to live in Malaysia, where the grass is green all the time and we get to enjoy Haagen Daz and buy a Honda or BMW if we want to. And to watch English and Chinese movies all over the world whenever we can. And the price of petrol and food has not escalated to an unbearable level.

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