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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Princess and the Chocolate Fondue

If you had watched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", you would be able to relate to my cravings for chocolate last week. And it was in Shangri-la Hotel's Lemon Grass Cafe that I satisfied my cravings. A chocolate fondue almost 2 meters high perched mightily in front of the starving guests. Even a fitness freak like me could not bear the thought of not having a second or even third helping of the strawberries and marshmallows dipped in deliriously tasty milky chocolate that was so good it tasted like it was imported straight from the chocolate factory in Australia or Sweden.

The chocolate melted onto my lovely green tea ice-cream and formed a hard coating that broke easily the moment I dipped my spoon into it. The crispness of the chocolate against the softness of the vanilla/green tea/chocolate chips ice-cream was heavenly.

The rest of the food was also good. The high-tea(lunch) buffet priced at RM68++ would be a treat for oyster, mussels and salmon lovers as I see many pilling up their plates with these delicacies. Let's call these people "smartly kiasu" or better still "kiasuly smart". You know wat I mean ;)

I would give them the thumbs up for being able to fit so many variety of food from so many countries all over the world in one large cafe. I was so stuffed I could barely walk after the meal, but of coz I did. To exercise off the extra calories. Here's to 2 more rounds on the treadmill for this 1 day of chocolatey indulgence.

So what's wrong with taking a little bit more chocolate every once in a while? Sometimes in life, you gotta indulge. Taking from Cadbury's quotes "Live Life Happy".

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