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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Half-a-million ringgit race in Singapore

Sitting by a quiet path,

It is hardly nature's warth,
If you set your sights hard enough
You will catch a glimpse of a fruit that is just so tough

This is the riddle that made all 5 of us ran all around Singapore for the past two days, sweating profusely from all the running, sun burnt from walking in the scorching hot sun and frustrated for not being able to solve even one riddle for the treasure hunt. We ventured into the "lion" country with high hopes but came back with such enjoyable memories of Singapore. Now, I can say with pride that I know every inch of the Esplanade as that is where the riddle led us to. Up and down, right and left, even bottom and on top we went around the Esplanade and every inch of the park around the big "durian" like building.

However, all of us enjoyed the trip immensely. Running from parks to museums to restaurants and shopping centers, the A4 size clue could be hidden anywhere. So enthusiastic were we that we booked into one room in Orchard Road to rest and spend one more day loking for the clue. Christmas lights set me and my close friend in the mood as we traversed along the busy roads of Orchard. We loved how the lanes between shopping centers were converted into beautiful bars with lanterns and candles hanging everywhere. We were fascinated with songs from 2 guitarists who serenade the pub goers with beautiful chorus.

On the 2nd day, we got the oppotunity to explore this pub called Eski Bar aka The Fridge. With ice all around, the whole bar is frozen to below 0 degrees. My god, was I freezing when I entered the place! But cool concept though to have your drinks in such a cold place.

We continued our search until 7pm before we called it a day. It was disheartening but we had to give up due to work commitments the next day. And at the moment that we are suppsoed to leave, we got a very important clue which could have helped us tremendously. Why does things always have to be like this. Such coincidence u call it. Anyhow, we could do nothing except to ask another one of the participant to check out if the place we thought based on the last clue was right. Until today I am waiting in anticipation.

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