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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

KL Fashion Week 2005

It was pompous, glitz and glamour when I entered Hall 5 of KL Convention Center on 26 Nov 2005, Sat, 8.30pm. The meticulously dressed and made-up hostesses standing by the door was prove to its glamour, garbed in silk batik or beautifully woven kebaya.

Typical of Malaysian culture, the event started half an hour late, but it gave us the opportunity to mingle with the socialites in the event. Among the audience I spotted Camelia in a beautiful green attire and thick gold necklace with ethnic elements, Irene Santiago in beige dress and sparkling silver handbag, Serena C in an elegant black dress with sequined halter neck and some very famous fashion designers like Bill Keith, etc. I even heard Ling Tan was there but pity I could not spot her.

The moment the MC announced the start of the event, it was fashion, fashion, fashion all the way. I have always loved Khoon Hooi's designs themed "Hopeful Romantics" but this time it looked to me like he just put a few pieces of white and black cloths and chiffons together and call them dresses. Melinda Looi's designs fared better as she experimented with a more outrageous gothic style where all her models are in masked in white with a grey veil around them. Anybody with a slithe figure could be her model when they are covered like that! However, some of her designs are worth a mention with a combination of gold and denim colors. Villiam Ooi designs were not bad but the most fun catwalk was by Tom Abang Shaufi as Camelia made an appearance to sing the song that the models catwalk to. At least that was a change and made the whole place more vibrant. Daniel Cho's all-men designs were not bad with the appearance of all almost naked men as the first model, and boy, did I oggled at some of them :)

With less publicity on the event, I feel the designs were not inspiring and impressive enough but well, good enough for my first experience. Would love to go for the gala event by The Star but too bad I missed it. Till the next fashion encounter, I got more inspirations for my wedding attire already ;)

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