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Thursday, June 01, 2006

My American Dream

I have been having the urge to visit either US or UK sometime soon and when I stumbled upon this website, I practically jumped with glee. I commend Google for promoting the green areas for a change, thus increasing the usage and traffic of their Google Earth.

Why am I so influenced to go there? Well, for one, us mere mortals (esp OCBC – Orang Cina Bukan Cina or simply called Banana people) have been inundated with images of places in United States via movies, tv series and news on any media. By following Yahoo news, I get curious about how Sunnyvale, California where the HQ is located looks like, is it that sunny? By following The Apprentice, my curiosity to visit New York and Las Vegas is piqued. I am pretty sure the images on tv were only showing those on the best angles of US. By watching every single episode of Lost, I am encouraged to visit the island that Josh Holloway is trapped in, nah, just kidding, but I will not be surprised if that island will be a tourist spot one day.

Besides, talking to my friends who have already been there increase my cravings more. Just check out the cool pics from Rudy's blog.

So, I think Google did a great job in promoting green places in US this summer 2006. Forget the cement building and bright neon lights. I for one would go to Orlando just by viewing photos of those lush green forest and tranquil lake and LA for some healthy green food. Kudos Google for going green!

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