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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Fleeting Moment of Happiness

I woked up at 8am today (yikes!) on a Sunday and decided to do what I have not done in a long time back in KL: Jogging. Yes, and because there is such a beautiful garden next to the flats I am staying at, it became more of a prerogative for me to jog there. Chinese Garden with an adjoining Japanese Garden they call it. And to my delight, the garden was a sight to behold. Ok, well not that great but everything is still new to me in Singapore. :P

I regretted not bringing my camera as I could have captured so many fleeting moments of happiness which reminded me of the photography style of one of my friend, Ian Chew who would focus his photos on one greatest thing on Earth: emotions. It is "the" moment that would have gone lost forever if it had not been captured on film. It also reminded me of TV Smith's unique photography which profoundly capture the humour or light side of life.

While jogging by the gardens and lake, I could have captured those "moments". Moments like a blonde haired child being thrown to the air by his parents while crossing the fiery red Chinese arch, a candid shot of a couple in their wedding gown bantering about which location by the lake to take their wedding photos and a monitor lizard walking out prudently from its hiding place to cross the small Chinese bridge in the bonsai garden. Fleeting moments of happiness, I call it. Just stay tune, I will capture these moments and post it here for your enjoyment. Well, being alone certainly builds that extra observation intensity with extra focus on the finer details in life. And that is why the best things in life are FREE. :)

Btw, the photo above was courtesy of my friend, Chin Geh who was in Hangzhou for work. Hope he doen not mind me copyrighting it. :)