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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Staple Diet is now Chocolates!

What do you do when you are down & depressed? Everyone together now: Eat chocolates! Well, I am not down but got myself this M&M’s white (did someone say white?!) chocolates to try just for the heck of it. The colors of the chocs are all pastel: white, sky blue, lime green, pink and lilac. Love the colors and love the taste. Guess this is going to be my staple diet now.

So, while we are on the topics of chocolates, let me tell you a better deal: FREE Chocolates! Did someone say free?! Yes, you heard right. In Melbourne, they deliver free ice-cream and chocolates to your doorstep. It’s called Heaven chocolates. It is a tie-in promotion with Desperate Housewives in which the ads will be shown when the program airs while introducing Safeway’s delivery services. Everyone who calls in get free 2 bars of Heaven Ganache and 1 bar of Heaven chocolate. Walla, the customers name, address and phone numbers are now in the company’s database. Not bad for a marketing gimmick huh. They can now use the customer details for future birthday promotions or any festivities. Well, why not for free ice-cream and chocolates!

- Source from my dear friend, Amelyn Foo who must be nicely relishing her ice-cream & chocs now!

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