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Monday, June 19, 2006

World Cup & Singapore's Quality of Life

The universal language of the world: Football World Cup. Where can one find the world united in one language, one time, one passion. People of all colors unite to gain glory for their respective country or the countries of their interest. People of all color shouting in one language.

Btw, Singapore is stepping up to fight for a better quality of life by garnering votes via The Straits Time’s online interactive website, Stomp (check out the beautiful bloggers in this site :P) and sms so that employers allow their employees to come into work late on 8 July 2006, the morning of the World Cup finals. Some employers are allowing their employees to come in as late as after lunch knowing that most will be up until 5am for the final match. Hey, it’s only once in every 4 years, what harm can half day make?

When I first came to Singapore, people warn me about sacrificing my life, as I would have to work till late at night. Kiasuland is known as a country that is highly pressured and incredibly competitive. Well, I was not dejected, as I have to admit I am quite a workaholic. However, when I arrive here, I am surprised to find people rushing off home at 6pm sharp and if I was to stay after 7.30pm, I could be the only left in the office. Lots of ppl I speak to in Sg are talking abt migrating to countries like Aus and Switzerland so that they can enjoy a better quality of life. They could not take the stress they used to handle and focus on working smart now. I think even Malaysians work longer hours. Well, I could be speaking on behalf of my own company only though.

Hey, but this does not mean Singaporeans do not get their job done. They are SO results-oriented that they set up an organized workflow so that everything can be done on time effectively. I find that here, I am more focused and deliver results better. Yet, I could do more in life besides work. How cool is that! No wonder Singaporeans are becoming more vocal. The less time you put into executing work and more into experiencing life, you will tend to form opinions and think out of the box, just like the Westerners. I am getting there :)

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