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Monday, June 12, 2006

Journey Home and Singapore Second bridge project

This sign is posted at the Johor custom before entering Singapore. Either the Malaysian govt thinks all Singaporeans understands Malay or they only allow those who understands Malay to pass through custom with no trouble. I also find it funny that the arrows with the same directions are placed on both left and right of the signboard. Maybe I’m turning more and more into a Singaporean, but I definitely think this signboard can be improved. At least allow those who have not been educated in Malay to understand the directions or those who are organized to understand the signs in a glance.

I am starting to relate to our former Prime Minister, Datuk Dr Mahathir’s anger over Badawi’s suspension of the Singapore bridge project. For me to get past the Tuas second link from JB to Singapore yesterday took more than 2 freaking hours. If it is this bad in the 2nd link, imagine how bad the situation will be at the Causeway. As I observed bridge, I could relate to the recent spate between Datuk Mahathir with Datuk Abd Badawi on the suspension of the 'second' bridge to Singapore. It would have convenienced a whole lot of people especially Malaysians like me who work in Singapore and Johorians that travel to and fro Singapore and Johor daily.

Why did our Prime Minister stop the bridge project? Was he not aggressive enough to make a stand compared to our former Prime Minster? Could we have gotten the project running without succumbing to Singapore's demands had we negotiated with more aggresion? Come on, it's not like Singapore has not gotten good deals from us, like the cheap price of water we are selling them until year 2060. I would have accepted all the decisions made had the govt gave clear and not ambivalent justifications for their decisions or better yet their indecisions. Just a thought.

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