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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sex Singapore Style

News 1: A young student slept with her bf since the age of 15 and contracted AIDS. He would be the first and last man she sleeps with. But who is there to blame when she consented to sleep with him at such an early age in the first place?

News 2: Tammy's video of having sex with her bf in the dorm of her university was distributed all over the world. So, what is her reputation now as a student from an established university?

News 3: Zoe Tay just announced to the whole world on the front page of a newspaper that she swallows. What! Yes, according to her, the act of swallowing helps her complexion. As we read the inside pages of the newspaper, only then we realise she was talking abt swallowing some pills she was endorsing. But is this an acceptable joke in Singapore?

Just the other day, I went to an old railway track with my friend just to view the scenery from someplace different and guess what we saw. Fresh condoms with its packets lying openly on the tracks. While staring into the beautiful skies, another couple came up, the girl wearing tube top with a nice tatoo on her hips, the guy in a nice white shirt. When they saw us there, they looked ard to see if there was someplace else they can hide. After a few minutes, they went down, disappointed with the fact that they could not have sex in a place they thought would not have any inhabitants. Sorry guys to spoil your fun. You could have had it in front of us. Hehe!

No matter how awkward and degrading it may sound, this type of jokes are just the tip of the iceberg for more to come. The sexual appetite here is getting stronger by the day. Why else would the girls here dress so skimpily with only bones to hold on to their latest Escada dress and LV handbag. Why else would Sg bloggers blog just to show off their skinny bodies with perk tits and heavily mascaraed eyelashes. Why else would girls so easily get picked up in clubs like Velvet, and it is not the guys who are doing all the job. The girls just need to bat their long, fake eyelashes or flash their sparkling smile to start the ball rolling before the guys make the move and slap their polished buxoms. Why would there be more people interested in swinging their partners in hotels and clubs. People are getting more open, more Westernised. Just look at how openly couples are having sex with one another, exchanging partners with strangers and some even demanding Causasions. It is fun and liberating it seems. Covers of magazines present girls in the skimpiest outfit and voluptous boobs on the slimmest waistline. And I am not only talking about male & female magazine. Every magazine racks reeks of SEX!

So, I do not doubt that with more development, there comes more libreation, to break free from the traditional mould, and to break open the cages of manlihood. Singapore is indeed heading there.

6 Bowed to the princess

  • At 11:24 PM, Anonymous Observer said…

    Correction. Tammy is not from any university at all. She is just a Nanyang Polytechnic student and where she had sex... That I don't know.

  • At 12:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Get a life. Big deal about sex. It is in the nature of humans. Its people in society like yours that needs to weak up to the fact that having a one side view one things is not healthy and highly hypocritical.
    The poor girl with AIDS at 15 is already a victim. People like you don't even care about the larger problem of AIDS but making comments about the person "deserving it". You people lead a very sad life.
    HAving a blog does not make you a better person than others.
    You have not right to judge others.

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