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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sign the Petition at

How can you make a difference? Right now, my voice is soft but one day my voice will be louder. One seems like a very small and insignificant number but used collectively it can turn into a very powerful tool and weapon. Weapon of spreading love and peace, tool of reducing poverty and disease. And this is what I have done today by signing to be part of

Even though this is a U.S. based campaign, there is no harm that we as human continue to support endeavors for human rights like this. Wouldn’t you want your own campaigns to be supported just as effectively by people all over the world? I wish I could start a Asia version. It would be my greatest contribution to fighting poverty from Asians, allowing Asians to have a stronger voice in contributing and to not let the Western countries take the limeline all the time.

Imagine the celebrities I can assign to endorse this: Amber Chia, top model from Malaysia, Fann Wong, squeeky clean actress/singer from Singapore, Zoe Tay, retired Singapore top model and VJ, Asha Gill, Malaysia’s top ChannelV VJ, Gurmit Singh, famous Singapore actor in Phua Chu Kang, Jeff Ooi, Jay Chou, top Taiwanese singer, Sammi Cheng, top Hong Kong singer/actress, and many many more. If the celebrities in US can gather to give one voice each, why can’t us Asians do the same?

So, go ahead and be a part of ONE. Sign the petition at ONE by ONE, we can make the difference.

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