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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Brand Called You

What is conjured when I mention Paris Hilton, Donald Trump, Martha Steward and Bill Gates? They are all icons in their own fields. Trump being the property magnet, Martha the homekeeping queen, Paris Hilton the ever glamorous puss nd Bill Gates, the visionary technologist, they have ventured out and make a name for themselves in other areas by banking on their popularity. They have enhanced their personal value so much so that they are now worth millions.

Few years ago when I started working, I focused on executing all my tasks in the right timeframes. As my skill enhances, I can now concentrate on building my personal branding. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do your close friends describe you to their friends?
  • How do your colleagues describe you to their friends?
  • How do your client describe you to their friends?

When you live your life, you live your brand. I have established myself in the area of telecommunications and writing so that people can associate me to the only female blogger who writes abt telecommunications in Asia. Later, you will see how I will extend my brand to entrepreneurship and social contributions so that I can make a positive impact to the society. When your brand speaks for itself, you can consider your brand successful.

These are steps to create your personal branding.

  1. Discover: Determine who you are and what your strengths are so you know what promises you can make.
  2. Design: Determine who your audience are so that you know to whom you will make the promise to.
  3. Deploy: How you will execute your brand and when you will fulfill the promise.
  4. Deal: How you live up to the promise you make.

Look at the questions you can ask yourself here.

Never have branding been more important than now. It is not how skillful you are, but how you are perceived in the eyes of the interviewer or people you associate with everyday. Start by introducing yourself not as the organization you are working for or the job role you are holding. Think abt your strength, passion and how you want others to think of you. Create a brand you can be proud of.